Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rave of the Day: Favorite Workout Tunes

Two of my favorite DJs (shout out to Jason Matheson and Alexis Thompson on FM 107.1 out of Minneapolis!) were talking about their favorite workout music today, and it got me thinking about what songs I'd like to shake my groove thang to.  (Hey, I figured I'll start with the music, and then I'll get my lazy butt to the gym! Gotta have your priorities straight!)

I created a playlist with some of their suggestions, some of the other listener's suggestions, and a few of my own picks.  Take a listen, maybe it will help you too, or at least give you something to listen to while you clean the house, or have a party?

Not all of the songs are "clean" so consider yourself warned if you have little ones...and the songs are all over the place, from princess pop (I know, I know - it's terrible, but the upbeat tempo just works for this, so stop judging me!) to hip-hop to techno to 80s to Aretha Franklin to rap to classical music.  I TOLD you it was all over the place.

Get a playlist! Standalone player

What songs keep you going when you're about to pass out on the treadmill?  

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